Just in case you’re wondering, this is me.

Hi everyone! My name is Jacob and I am going to help make everyone who reads my blog Koala-fied, and help you understand a little bit more about our little not so bear friends! In this blog I want to share what types of environments these marsupials live in, and I will also be telling you about their one and only food eucalyptus leaves! On top of all of the facts about these cute little animals, there are also some crazy facts about them that are just super interesting to know! I also want to bring to attention the serious danger that they are currently in. A lot of people do not know this, but our little friends are going extinct, and fast. The only place in the world that they live is in Australia on the south eastern part and they homes are being torn down. Australia is the number one country for deforestation and I want put the word out there so we can hopefully save them and rebuild the population! I hope you all enjoy!