Fun Facts

Koala’s aren’t actually bears, they are marsupials!! How interesting is that, I mean I can see how they got the nickname from their looks. Koala’s actually have 5 fingers and each which is strange because most generally only have 4! Most Koala’s are nocturnal so they sleep for like 18-20 hours a day,  I seriously wish I was a Koala! There is a lot of talk that the reason they do sleep so much is because they get drunk from the toxins in the eucalyptus leaves. That is actually false. A koalas digestive system is equipped to digest and take care of the toxins so it has no effect on them. Another crazy thing is that mature male adults have scent glands in the center of their chests and it secretes a sticky substance that he rubs on trees to show that they are his. This is crazy, why cant they just pee to show territory like everything else?