Is the Koala Population Growing?

It isn’t looking good for our little friends right now. Due to Koala’s being hunted for their fur, diseases such as chlamydia, and one the main factors deforestation our little friends are running out. The last report suggests that there are around 80,000 left out of the million there was before they started being hunted and having their homes taken from them.  In southern Australia Koala’s were actually hunted to extinction except in Victoria where they were almost extinct from being poached.  The koalas from other south-eastern parts of Australia have been moved to Victoria and the southern area to repopulate. Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.03.54 PM.png


Victoria Suffers from Deforestation

More than 70% of Victoria has lost it’s bush lands, 35% of their wet lands, and 30% of their native animals are now gone. Victoria is known for its vast forests and wetlands. It is also one place in the world that has forests that are very rich in carbon that helps filter the water for the towns people to drink.  Now, over the past 200 years, Victoria is suffering a large biodiversity crisis. This is happening due to 3/4 of Victoria being cleared. We need to start fighting back and finding a solution to this tragedy that is happening. You can do this by finding a website that helps, and gives an option to donate to the support groups.

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